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Building Information
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Welcome New Residents

Our staff would like to welcome all our new residents. We hope that as a new resident at 1260 N. Dearborn you’ll become accustomed to our special service, useful amenities, and great social events. We hope you enjoy your stay here. If you have any questions, feel free to come down and speak to anyone on-duty. You are living in a professionally managed apartment community in which we strive to provide a pleasant home and excellent service. But sometimes, we aren’t perfect. If you are experiencing any problems in your home or have any questions, please contact the property manager at (312) 944-5620 (from 9:00am-4:30pm) and tell her about it! We will do our very best to satisfy your needs. We will investigate and provide a prompt response.

Building Information

Office Hours

Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am – 4:00pm

Important Phone Numbers

Norma, Manager
(312) 944-5620
Answering Service: (312) 464-7431
Police Non-Emergency: (312) 744-8230
Emergency: Fire, Police, Ambulance: 911

Building Amenities

The Sundeck

The sundeck is open. We love our deck and are very proud of it. Please help us keep the deck looking beautiful by cleaning up after yourself and your guests. When we are expecting rain, we cover up the furniture. Feel free to remove the furniture covers, but be sure that you put them back before you leave the sundeck. Please be respectful of our next-door neighbors.

Gym Access

Complete the waiver for the gym, which you will find in your welcome folder, bring the form to our office and we will issue you a key. The gym is 24/7 access.

Lost & Found

There is a lost and found in the office. If you find something in the building, please bring it to the office. If you are missing something, check with us to identify your item. Unclaimed items will be disposed of after 30 days.

Refer A Friend – Earn $400.00

Here’s the deal! Refer a friend, family member, or co-worker to 1260 North Dearborn Apartments. Make sure they mention your name during their first visit, because we need to know who referred them. Once they sign their lease (one year leases only), stop in the office to pick up a check for $400.00. Don’t stop there, send lots of friends and have the equivalent of a part time job. This deal is subject to change without notice.

Building Utilities

Building Maintenance

Management extends every effort to keep our building clean. Although our staff cleans and monitors the common areas daily, your extra help is needed. Please notify management if you see that a light bulb is burned out or that a corridor or trash room is a mess. Please do not hesitate to contact the office when work is needed to improve the appearance of our home.

Work Orders

Please do not hesitate to contact the office regarding work orders. You can also submit a non-emergency request through your portal. Our staff unclogs drains, installs tv mounts and heavy pictures/mirrors, installs and removes all window air conditioners, amongst their many other talents. We prefer to fix small problems before they become big problems.

Maintenance Information

Parking Zone & Lot Information

Parking Zone Information
Parking Lot Information


Please be sure to schedule the freight elevator for the delivery of furniture or boxes, which MUST be brought in through the back door and taken up in the freight elevator. We book up to 2-hour time blocks weekdays between 10am-4pm and 5pm-7pm and weekends 10am-11am and 12pm-4pm. The passenger elevators are not equipped to move furniture or heavy items and MAY NOT be used to do so. If you will not be home, don’t forget to drop off an access letter.

Mail Room

Please refrain from going into the mail room while the postal carrier is distributing the mail. If you receive any mail that is not for you, please put the mail in the basket in the mail room. We will return it to the mail carrier. If you have any junk mail that you do not want, please put it in the recycling can in the mail room. Mail left in the mail room ends up on the floor and makes a huge mess.

Trash Chute & Recycling

There is a chute room on each floor located at the west end of the hallway, just past the back stairwell. Please be sure all garbage is tied securely before placing it down the chute. Please be sure ALL garbage bags make it down the chute. Do not put garbage on the floor. The recycle bins are located in the chute rooms. We recycle: Plastic, glass, aluminum and tin, which are to be placed in the bin in the left side of the room. We also recycle newspaper, paper, cardboard, & catalogs – Please stack them neatly on the floor on the right side of the chute room.


Packages are delivered to our building lobby all day and into the evening hours. On the weekdays, our maintenance staff will begin deliveries of your package(s) to your door at 4pm. You will be notified via email.

We also deliver packages to your door on Sunday, usually before noon. There are no deliveries on Saturdays. If you will not be at home, please let the office know and we will store your package(s) in our package room until you return. Some restrictions may apply.

Cable, Phone & Mail Service

RCN Communications, USA Wireless, AT&T, and the United Postal Service are all outside contractors over whose service the management office has no control. If you have a problem with one of these services, we will be happy to help you in any way that we can. But, please keep in mind that our ability to serve you is very limited with these services. If there is a problem with your service or account, you will need to contact them directly.

RCN: Call or Text Brendan @ 312-804-2516
USA Wireless/Direct TV: 800-433-4558
U.S. Postal Service: 312-644-3929

Apartment Insurance

We strongly recommend that all residents purchase apartment insurance. While we do have insurance to cover our property, our policy does not cover your personal items.

Building Safety

We have a very good entry system, but it only works if used properly by all of us. The following short list of suggestions can enhance comfort for all.

• Do not open the door for anyone unless you know him or her personally. It’s nice to be helpful, but unless you know the person, you may be inviting trouble for yourself or someone else in the building.

• If people are in the vestibule as you enter, make sure you close the door completely behind you. If you allow it to remain open, there is nothing to prevent their unauthorized entry their job.

• Please do not be offended if another resident does not allow you to follow them in, or if they ask to see your fob.

• Report the loss of a key FOB as soon as you know it is missing so we can remove its “entry privileges“ as soon as possible.

• In the event that an emergency should occur, call the police immediately. Do not attempt anything heroic. Let the police do.


If you are locked out of your apartment:

1. During office hours:
Just come down to the office and we will be glad to loan you our set of keys to get in. Just leave us a picture I.D. to hold while our set of keys is in your possession.

2. After office hours:
Call (312) 944-5620 or (312) 464-7431 or dial 000 at the front directory. Give them your name, apartment #, and # where you are going to be. If someone is available, they will meet you in the lobby. There is a $40.00 after-hours lockout fee – due at time of service, in order to be let in.

3. If no one is available:
We recommend that you either try again later or call a locksmith at your own expense.

Entry System

Key Fobs

At move-in, each leaseholder is issued one key FOB at no charge. If your name does not appear on the lease, you absolutely will not be issued a key FOB. There is a nonrefundable $35.00 FOB replacement fee for all lost, stolen or broken FOBs.

Temporary Key Fobs

If you have a guest coming to stay with you and would like them to have access to the building, just give us the dates of their stay and we will issue you a temporary key FOB for them to use. You will need to give us a $35.00 deposit that will be returned to you when the FOB is returned. Temporary FOBs will be issued for a maximum of 2 weeks.

Buzzing in Your Guests

To buzz in a guest, press #6 on your phone. The door will not open until you release the #6, so don’t hold it down, just press and release.

Fire Escape Doors

Although it may sometimes get warm in the hallways, please do not, under any circumstances, prop open the fire escape doors. It puts everyone’s safety at risk. If you see the fire escape door open on your floor, please help us keep out unwanted visitors by closing it immediately.

Back Door

When coming or going through the back door, please be sure it closes behind you. When moving furniture in or out which requires you to “prop” the door open, please do not leave the door open unattended and remove any obstructions while you go upstairs to unload and when you have finished.

Back Alley

Under no circumstances should you or your guests park in our back alley. Our neighbors will contact the police and you will be either ticketed or towed. We totally understand that this is an inconvenience, but we want to save you the headache of trying to locate your vehicle after it’s been towed.


Please do not post signs on the entry system. It gives the vestibule a sloppy and cluttered look. Advise friends to pick up messages or parcels in the management office. All signs will be removed.

Apartment Access

The management office is happy to allow delivery people, friends, etc. into your apartment as a convenience to you. Simply stop in the office to fill out an entry permission form. Or drop off, or email a signed letter with your name, apartment #, and date of entry, granting the management staff permission to let the designated person into your apartment. No one will be allowed into your apartment under any circumstances without a signed letter. Sorry, we will not make any exceptions.

Saftey in our Vestibule

This is a big city and unfortunately, homelessness does exist. Occasionally a homeless person may find our vestibule a cozy place to hang out. If you ever see a homeless person loitering in our vestibule or outside our building, please contact the management office immediately. If the office is closed for the evening, please call 911 and tell them that you are a resident and that there is a homeless person in your vestibule. They will send someone to pick them up and take them to a shelter. Remember: panhandling is illegal and you don’t have to put up with it.

Neighborhood Map

Neighborhood Information


Bank of America: 1167 N State: (312) 654-8126
Chase: 1122 N Clark: (312) 573-3977
Citibank: 1 E Oak: (312) 361-1833

Grocery Stores & Pharmacy’s

Aldi: 201 W. Division St. (855) 955-2534
CVS: 1165 N Clark St: (312) 280-8140
Jewel: 102 W Division: (312) 397-1130
Plum Market: 1233 N Wells St: (312) 229-1400
Potash Brothers: 1525 N Clark St: (312) 337-7537
Trader Joe’s: 44 E Ontario: (312) 951-6369
Walgreens: 1200 N Dearborn: (312) 943-0973
Whole Foods: 30 W Huron St: (312) 932-.9600

Dry Cleaners & Tailors

John’s Cleaners: 1260 N Dearborn: (312) 664-0633
Lakeside Dry Cleaners: 1207 N Dearborn: (312) 654-9560
17’s Cleaners: 1117 N Dearborn: (312) 664-4444

Hair Salons

J. Andrews Salon: 1260 N Dearborn St: (312) 951-5338

Fitness Centers

Bally’s River City: 800 S Wells: (312) 431-0100
Equinox: 1750 N Clark: (312) 254-4000
FFC Gold Coast: 1030 N Clark: (312) 944-1030
FFC Old Town: 1235 N LaSalle: (312)640-1235
Planet Fitness: 240 E Illinois; (312) 464-1010
X Sport: 230 W North Ave: (312) 932-9100

Shoe Repair

Harry’s Gold Coast Shoe Repair: 1 W Chestnut St.: (312) 337-3742


Best Buy: 2650 N Clark: (773) 388-2920
Target: 1200 N Larrabee St (312) 470-8944
Home Depot: 1232 W North Ave (773) 486-9200

Maid Services

Maid in America: (773) 508-5502
Merry Maids: (773) 358-2246

Furniture Stores

Cort Furniture (Rental): (312) 266-8719
Crate and Barrel: 646 N Michigan Ave: (312) 787-5900
Jennifer Convertibles: 814 W North Ave: (312) 951-9377
Macy’s: 111 N State St: (312) 781-1000
Restoration Hardware Gallery: (312) 475-3116
Room And Board: 55 E Ohio: (312) 222-0970
Storage Extra Space Storage: 1030 W North Ave : (872) 239-8191
Public Storage: 1129 N. Wells: (312) 429-7285
Self-Storage: 1516 N Orleans: (312) 313-9873


Outlets Chicago Sun Times: 1-800-945-5000
Chicago Tribune: 1-800-874-2863

Mail Services

FedEx: 1-800-GO-FEDEX
Kinkos/FedEx: 1201 N Dearborn: (312) 640-6100
Fort Dearborn Post Office: (312) 644-3919


Allstate Insurance: (312) 756-7245
Farmers Insurance: (312) 252-1346
State Farm Insurance: (773) 549-2605



3 Arts Club Cafè at RH: 1300 N. Dearborn: (312) 475-9116
Blue Door Kitchen & Garden: 52 W. Elm St., (312) 573-4000
Butch McGuire’s: 20 W. Division St: (312) 337-9080
Chicago Q Restaurant: 1160 N. Dearborn: (312) 642-1160
Gibsons: 1028 N. Rush St: (312) 266-8999
Hugo’s Frog Bar: 1024 N. Rush St: (312) 640-0999
LuxBar: 18 E. Bellevue: (312) 642-3400
Original Pancake House: 22 E. Bellevue: (312) 642-7917
Portillo’s: 100 W. Ontario, (312) 587-8910
Somerset: 1112 N. State: (312) 586-2150
Third Coast Café: 1260 N. Dearborn: (312) 649-0730
The Capital Grille: 633 N Saint Clair St: (312) 337-9400
Wing Stop: 47 W. Division St: (312) 465-2369
Weber Grill: 539 N. State St: (312) 467-9696


Friends Sushi: 710 N. Rush: (312) 787-8998
Peking Chinese Food: 129 W North Ave: (312) 951-7207
Silver Spoon Thai: 710 N. Rush: (312) 944-7100
Tiparos: 1540 N. Clark St: (312) 712-9900
Wow Bao: 1 W. Division St: (312) 643-1185
Bakeries Dunkin Donuts: 1201 N. Clark: (312) 291-9270

Coffee Houses

La Colombe: 4 E. Elm: (773) 295-9279
Starbucks: 39 W. Division: (312) 851-6992
Tempo Café: 6 E. Chestnut: (312) 943-4373
Third Coast Café: 1260 N. Dearborn: (312) 649-0730


Café Des Architectes: 20 E. Chestnut: (312) 324-4000
Le Colonial: 57 E. Oak: (312) 255-0088
NoMi: 800 N. Michigan: (312) 239-1030


Gaylord India: 100 E. Walton: (312) 664-1700
Indian Garden: 247 E. Ontario: (312) 280-4910


Carmine’s: 1043 N. Rush: (312) 988-7676
Eately: 410 E. Ohio: (312) 521-8700
Eduardo’s Enoteca: 1212 N. Dearborn: (312) 337-4490
Gino’s East: 162 E. Superior St: (312) 266-3337
Gold Coast Pizza Co: 11 W. Division: (312) 255-0999
Lou Manalti’s: 1120 N. State: (312) 725-7777
Mama Milano Pizza Bar: 1421 W. Wells St: (312) 787-3710
21 W. Goethe: (312) 944-0199
Prosecco: 710 N. Wells: (312) 951-9500
Orso’s: 1401 N Wells St: (312) 787-6604
Sarpino’s: 158 W. Division: (312) 202-1113
Topo Gigio: 1516 N Wells St: (312) 266-9355
Japanese Café Sushi: 1342 N Wells St: 337-0700


Chipotle: 1166 N. State: (312) 654-8637
Taqueria Express: 1232 N. La Salle: (312) 877-5451
Velvet Taco: 1110 N. State: (312) 763-2654

Middle Eastern

Halal Guys: 49 W. Division: (312) 465-2186
Old Jerusalem: 1411 N. Wells: (312) 944-0459


Baskin & Robbins: 200 E. Ohio St.: (312) 787-9055
Chicago Health Food Cafè: 22 W. Maple: (312) 642-2220
Dublin’s Bar & Grill: 1050 N. State: (312) 266-6340
Jimmy John’s: 51 W. Division: (312) 482-8176
Joe’s Seafood: 60 E Grand Ave: (312) 379-5637
Maple & Ash: 8 W. Maple: (312) 944-8888


600 N. Michigan: 600 N Michigan: (312)255-9347
AMC River East: 322 E Illinois St: 1-888-AMC-4FUN
Landmark Theatre: 2828 N Clark St: (773) 248-7759


Newberry Library: 60 W Walton: (312) 943-9090

Emergency Services

Fire Department: 911
Police 18th District: (312) 742-5870

Pet Adoption & Groomers

Anti-Cruelty Society: 157 W Grand: (312) 644-8338
Paw-A-Tively: 1555 N. La Salle Dr.: (312) 951-6547
Tree House: (773) 262-4000

Pet Store

Bentley’s Pet Stuff: 1201 N Wells St: (312) 255-1955


Blum Animal Hospital: 3219 N Clark St.:(773) 327-4446
Gold Coast Animal Hospital: 225 W. Division: (312) 337-7387


Airport Express: (312) 454-7800